About the FWA

The FWA was founded by two high school friends in Hershey PA. The original play by mail game was started in the late '80's. While a sophisticated (for the time) computer program ran the matches, the bulletins were produced on a typewriter. photocopied at the local Kinko's and mailed. After a short hiatus, the FWA started up again in the mid '90's. It was during this run that the FWA really took off. With hundreds of managers and over 20 leagues, the FWA had become a premier role playing fantasy wrestling game. As often happens, life got in the way and things ground to a halt in the early '00's.

Now, armed with the internet, even more sophisticated software, partners, financing and loads of past experience, the FWA is back and looking to become bigger than ever. Currently running in Beta mode for free, the FWA fully plans to become a subscription based role play, fantasy game. But unlike before, where players were limited to role playing their managers and wrestlers, players will eventually be able to expand their role playing. The FWA plans to allow players to "own" a league, "promote" a league, "referee" matches and much more. If you are not involved yet, what is taking you so long?