The FWA is a fantasy role-playing game in which you create a fictitious wrestler and you join that wrestler to a league with other wrestlers created by managers just like you from all over the world. Then, each round of play (typically a month), you compete against the wrestlers in your league in matches that you and the other managers request. Matches are determined using a match simulation program based on a strategy you select for your wrestler and a point value system assigned to the official list of available moves/holds. You then guide your wrestler through this fantasy world of the FWA competing for titles, feuding with other wrestlers and trying to claim all of the glory and fame the FWA has to offer!


"I have been involved with fantasy wrestling for more than 25 years. I am having the most fun I’ve ever had. When done right, wrestling really is an art form. The FWA provides us the canvas to tell beautiful stories through our own unique characters and imaginations. It is a creative outlet that is therapeutic in a sense. The FWA has reignited my passion for writing wrestling. There are all kinds of special events, PPVs and tournaments with awards, in addition to promotions running on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can’t say enough great things about the FWA. Whether you’re new to this world or playing another game, give the FWA a chance….you won’t regret it!!"

- PBM/W Legend- Hitman Howie Sandberg, New York

"Baby, baby, baby!!!! If you think you have what it takes to beat me, the best creative mind in the FWA, then you are sadly mistaken, baby!!!! Ain't no doubt about it! You will feel the power...of "Sweet" Larry Sour!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha....HA!!!!"

- "Sweet" Larry Sour, Maine

"I am a middle-aged wrestling fan who has loved the sport since I was just a boy. I played another wrestling game for the better part of 30 years. I loved it. I enjoyed it. I found friends and enjoyed some successes. The FWA has offered me a chance to play with others like me. And it, much more to my liking, there is a platform that awards consistency in play as they tier league, federation and wide champions. My prior play was in a place where immediate rewards created messy play. The FWA requires a consistency that benefits players who are committed to making characters succeed long-term."

- Jamie Davis, Kentucky

"What I like most about the FWA is the creativity and the characters. There are some really great writers in the game. I also like that Jim and Mike (FWA owners) listen to the players and try to give us what we want. I came to the FWA because of Howie but I stay because it's fun."

- Mark D, Vermont

"If you like to create pro wrestling storylines involving wrestlers you've created mixed with using your skills to map out and pick the correct wrestling holds and topped off with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of competition, then the FWA is for you!"

- "Showtime" Steve Shettler, The G.O.A.T.