FWA stands for Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. As the name implies, FWA is a fantasy game based on Professional Wrestling. You sign up, create a manager profile, then create a wrestler (or an entire stable of wrestlers), join your wrestler to a league, you pick opponents for your wrestler to wrestle in matches and write stuff for the role-playing side of the game: be as creative as you want with the role playing side of the game. Sneak attacks, verbal attacks, interviews, self promotions -- it's all welcome in the FWA.

When the deadline comes, we compile all your stuff you requested, along with the other players in your league, and we run the matches and publish all the stuff everyone writes. Then we wait until the next deadline to do it again.

It's kinda like a e-fed but we use a you-pick-holds, we assign point values and use a computer program to determine the match results each round of play!


Yes and no. For those of you who want to manage and play multiple wrestlers, we offer subscription plans of all types to accomodate whatever amount of wrestlers you want to play. And we will say that most of the successful players in the FWA DO manage more than one wrestler!

For those who don't have the disposable funds, we do have a basic FREE account where you get 10 matches (unlimited wrestlers) every month FOR FREE!


Nothing. If you have a FREE account, everything remains - your manager profiles, wrestlers, records, all of it! If you have a paid subscription account, we will switch your account over to a FREE account. You can still login, look around and even start playing again at any time

We don't delete wrestlers. EVER.

Now, if you DO notify us that you are cancelling or quitting or do not want to receive email from us, we will set your account to CANCELLED, which will no longer allow you to login to the FWA website. And should you change your mind about this at anytime, just email us and we'll gladly un-cancel you!!!