The FWA is an interactive, narrative-based web game. You will create your fictional Manager and Wrestler. You will join your Wrestler to a Promotion with other Managers and Wrestlers created by people just like you from all over the world. Then you will compete against those other Managers and Wrestlers in matches, call them out or attack them in the backstage area in promos you write and more!

You can play the game from the perspective of the manager of your wrestler, or just the wrestler, or both. You can decide.


Getting Started

So how do you get started? Simply register to create your account. Once activated, you need to build out your Manager Profile (Registration automatically creates a default Manager profile for you).

Once your Manager Profile is ready, you can create Wrestlers. After that you join your Wrestler to a FWA promotion and then you are ready to start playing the FWA!

Round of Play

Now that you have a wrestler has joined a FWA promotion, it's time to start playing the game.

All of the action takes place on the screens of the promotion you joined your wrestler to. The promotion screens display the champions, rankings, match results, promos and other out of ring action write-ups, commissioner reports, TV show for the current round of play. Before the deadline for the next round of play, you will sign matches (you request singles, tag team and/or six man matches for your wrestler against other wrestlers in your promotion). You write and save interviews, promos, out of ring action or any other action that you dream up.

When the promotions deadline comes, we will run all of the matches to determine the results and then display the results when completed. We will make all of the promos/out of ring action write-ups that you and the other managers in that promotion saved viewable for everyone to read. There's plenty more: like title match defenses, commissioner's report, tv show write-ups.

Then, we basically wait until the next deadline to do it all again.

Manager Dashboard

The Manager Dashboard screen is the first thing you see every time you log into the FWA website! The Dashboard provides quick links to your manager profiles, your wrestlers and the promotions! It also provides a snapshot view of the current FWA World champions and many other details!


The FWA does provide a messaging system so that managers can message each other.

Manager Profiles

In addition to creating wrestlers to compete in the FWA, you may also create managers. Many players choose to use their real name, while others choose to create a fictitious persona. You can also have one manager manage one of your wrestlers and create a different manager to manager a different wrestler, it is all up to you and how you choose to play! Anonimity is very important to us here at the FWA! And we will always respect your right to privacy.

* IMPORTANT: Your real contact information will never be publicly revealed anywhere on the FWA website!

Manager profiles can be created, edited, and deleted from the “Managers” section of the menu bar and you will assign the manager to your wrestler when creating your wrestler. You can email the FWA to change the manager assigned to an existing wrestler.


You, as the manager or player, create your wrestler.  You can manage one or more wrestlers depending on your account type.

Every wrestler has a profile that you create. This includes all of the details about the wrestler such as birthplace, height, weight, their full biography, a profile photo and more. None of the wrestler's profile information contributes to how they perform in matches.

Every wrestler also has a strategy. 

Wrestler Strategy

Your wrestlers strategy is the 15 plus Finisher move/hold that you select for your wrestler tp use when they compete in matches.

Tag Teams


Six Man Teams


Win-Loss Records

Wrestler and team records are tracked based on the wins, losses, and draws they accumulate throughout their FWA career. However, win-loss records for tag teams and six-man teams are only tracked once they have been "created" as a team. Records can be found within each promotion’s page on the FWA website or through the wrestler’s profile page. Two different records are displayed: “CURRENT” reflects the wrestler/team’s record during the most recent round of play. “OVERALL” reflects the wrestler/team’s record for their entire career.

Public Profiles

Throughout the FWA website, wrestler names, manager profile names, tag team names and six man team names are hyperlinked. Clicking those hyperlinks will take you to a profile page that displays their profile information.

NOTE: Manager profiles set to hidden will not display.


All wrestlers in the FWA join a promotion. Promotions in the FWA are mostly modeled after the 80's territories promotions. Your promotion is where your wrestler and the other wrestlers joined will compete against each other each round of play. Each round of play, the promotion displays the current promotion titles, match results, promos/out of ring action, commissioner's report, tv show and more.

Each FWA promotion functions independently; having the ability to set its own number of title defenses per title, max of of wrestlers allowed per manager, and more.

Wrestler Limit Rule: You are allowed a maximum 3 wrestlers per promotion 

Each promotion has an Information screen that provides origin and history about the promotion. It also includes the promotion headquarters, officials, venues and other details that you are allowed to incorporate into the game. 

The information screen will also display the manager profile of the commissioner and tv show booker (so you can contact them). 

Deadlines: Your promotions deadline is the day/time in which all you must have your wrestler's strategy updated, your match requests signed and your out of ring action (interviews/promos, sneak attacks, dressing rooms brawls or whatever you want to write) MUST BE entered by YOU in order to be a part of the next round of play. 

Frequency: Each promotion has one or more rounds of play per month.? Currently, most promotions run monthly (1x per month), while there are some that run every other week (2 Week). 



Federations are the tier in between the World and Promotion champions.  Federations consist of two of more promotions grouped together.




Managers sign the matches they want their wrestler(s) to wrestle in the FWA. You pick opponents or partners from the list of wrestlers in your FWA promotion, you can choose any opponent. You can sign singles, tag team or six man matches.

The FWA also provides you to sign Speciality matches like: Steel Cage, Street Fight, Barbed-wire, Texas Death and more. Selecting a specialty match does alter the way the match runs (Check out the Specialty match section).

Important! To sign matches, go to your wrestler's promotion and click on the Manager Toolbox menu item.

How Are Matches Results Determined?

Match results are determined by a point value system that calculates each wrestler's strategy score and compares it against their opponent. The higher score is the winner.

For tag team and six man matches, the teams scores on each team is added together to determine the winner.

Moves/Holds and Point Values

When you create your wrestler, you also set up their "strategy" by selecting 15 moves/holds and a finisher from the official moves/holds list. Each round of play for your wrestlers promotion, the FWA assigns each hold/move a point value (between 11 and 36). This point value determines how effective the move/hold will be during matches.

Each hold is assigned a value between 11 to 36 points that changes each week and there are 4 different holds that carry each point value. Therefore, the highest score possible is 552 points, which would be all sixteen of the holds with values between 33-36 points.

While the hold values may appear to be random at times, there are actually patterns that emerge over a period of time (referred to as 'hold trends') that can clue you in as to which holds to select. These trends carry over from one week of play to the next. Trends will last for a specified period of time before resetting and allowing new trends to emerge.

Every cycle, the FWA also sets the "disqualification value" and the "count out value." The disqualification value determines when a match ends in a disqualification and the count out value decides when a match ends by a count out. Like the hold values, these values will never be the same two cycles in a row.

Moves/Holds List


Singles Matches


Tag Team Matches


Six Man Matches


Battle Royals

To understand the way this match type works, you first have to understand how the holds are chosen. When you enter your wrestler's strategy, you enter moves 1 thru 15 plus a finishing move. The order of holds is important because round by round the hold number used (1-16) is chosen at random.

Round by Round results:

A random hold number is chosen for comparison. The wrestler with the lowest point total for the chosen hold is eliminated. In the event of a tie, the wrestler (among those tied) with the lowest total number of points (the sum of all 16 holds) is eliminated. If wrestlers are still tied, the eliminated wrestler is the wrestler who entered the Battle Royal last.

The "eliminated by" wrestler from round to round is chosen at random until the last round where the only remaining wrestler becomes the winner.

For example, the computer may select the battle royal hold order to be 3, 1, 15, 8, 2, 4, 9, 16, 13, 5, 6, 7, 14, 10, 12, 11. The first wrestler eliminated from the match would be the entrant that has the lowest valued in the 3rd hold of his strategy. The second wrestler eliminated is the remaining wrestler with the lowest value in the 1st hold from his strategy. The third wrestler eliminated is the remaining wrestler with the lowest value in the 15th hold of his strategy. This continues until there is only one wrestler left in the match. If there are more than 16 wrestlers entered into the battle royal, then the hold order will repeat.

Title Matches

Titles are defended by champions in the FWA. When we "run" the matches -- and it could be one or more promotions at a time -- title matches run after all of the requested singles tag-tean and six man matches are completed. World title matches run first (for all promotions in action), then Federation title matches (for all promotions in action), then finally, the Promotions title matches.

World Title and Federation titles are defended in each promotion.  The order the promotions appear on the promotions dashboard screen is the order the world champions and federations defend their belts.



World Title World Champion defends against the Federation Champion.
Intercontinental Title World Champion defends against the Federation Secondary Champion.
World Tag Team Title World Tag Team Champions defends against the Federation Tag Team Champions.
World Six Man Title World Six Man Champions defends against the Federation Six Man Champions.


Champions Advantage: Champions Advantage is 20 points for World title matches. Challenger(s) must defeat the Champion(s) by 21 points or more to win the belt.

** World title matches take place in the Division champion's promotion (viewable in the Match Results section)



Federation Title Federation Champion defends against the Promotion Champion.
Federation Secondary Title Federation Secondary Champion defends against the Promotion Secondary Champion.
Federation Tag Team Title Federation Tag Team Champions defends against the Promotion Tag Team Champions.
* Title matches are auto-scheduled and do not require the manager to request the title match!
Federation Six Man Title Federation Six Man Champions defends against the Promotion Six Man Champions.
* Title matches are auto-scheduled and do not require the manager to request the title match!


Champions Advantage: Champions Advantage is 10 points for Division title matches. Challenger(s) must defeat the Champion(s) by 11 points or more to win the belt.

** Federation title matches take place in the Promotion's champion's promotion (viewable in the Match Results section)



Promotion Title Promotion Champion defends against the Top (# configured per promotion) ranked wrestlers.
Promotion Secondary Title Promotion Secondary Champion defends against wrestlers in the promotion who request a title match for the promotion secondary title. The wrestler (who requested a title match) with the highest point score is awarded the promotion secondary title (no matches run).
** All ranked wrestlers are eligible to request a promotion secondary title shot. However, if a Top 10 ranked wrestler requests a secondary title shot, has the highest point score and they first win the promotion title (promotion title matches run first), the secondary title will be awarded to thr wrestler (who requested a secondary title shot) with the next highest score.
Promotion Tag Team Title Promotion Tag Team Champions defends against the Top 5 ranked tag teams
Promotion Six Man Title Promotion Six Man Champions defends against the Top 5 ranked six man teams
Promotion TV Title TV Title matches take place on the monthly Promotion TV show. The winner of the monthly battle royal (which also takes place on the TV show) earns the next TV Title shot.

* Promotion TV champions are automatically entered into a end-of-the-month promotions tv champions battle royal!


Champions Advantage: Champions Advantage is 5 points for Promotion title matches. Challenger(s) must defeat the Champion(s) by 6 points or more to win the belt.

Champions Advantage


Specialty Matches

The FWA allows you to select specialty matches when signing/requesting matches. However, we must warn you that matches where a specialty match has been selected work differently than our regular matches

Special matches have a different set of 10 specialty moves/holds that are randonly incorporated into the mspecialty for your wrestler and your opponent.  The specialty match moves/holds have fixed values associated with them.  The specialty match system will randonly check each round of moves whether to use a move/hold from your strategy or select a move from that specialty match move/hold chart.  The specialty match system will randomly replace between 1 and 8 holds per match in each wrestler’s strategy using the specialty moves allowing for a different result than a standard match. Therefore, you are allowed to challenge an opponent more than 1x per round of play IF you a selecting specialty matches.

WARNING: Due to the random nature of the specialty match system, specialty matches can be more violatile. A high scoring strategy does not mean you will win a specialty match!

Match Tiebreakers

For matches that cannot end in a draw, such as fill vacant tiel matches and tournaments, the following tiebreaker system will be utilized: (note that for tag team and six man matches, the same formula will be used except that the points per move will be totaled for all wrestlers on the team.

  • 1st tiebreaker: Wrestler whose finishing move has the highest points is the winner.
  • 2nd tiebreaker: Wrestler whose move #15 has the highest points is the winner.
  • 3rd tiebreaker: Wrestler whose move #14 has the highest points is the winner.
  • 4th tiebreaker and on: Move 13 will be compared, then 12, etc. until one wrestler has a higher score for the move and is declared the winner.

In the event all 16 moves are used and the wrestlers are still tied, lifetime ranking points will be compared. The wrestler with the highest total will be declared the winner.

If the two wrestlers are still tied, we will compare Overall Points.

If the two wrestlers are still tied, we will compare Current Points.

If the two wrestlers are still tied, a coin toss will determine the winner.

* If a tie breaker is needed in a fill vacant title match and one or both wrestlers were not active in regular competition (their record was 0-0-0 after all singles, tag team and six man action), the title will either be awarded to the active wrestler or neither (if both were not active in regular competiton).

Signing Matches

For each round of play, you must sign/request matches for your wrestler(s).  You may select any opponent(s) in singles, tag team and/or six matches.  For tag team and six man matches, you may select any partners.

RANKED TAG TEAMS/SIX MAN TEAMS: If you have a tag team or six man team and want to be ranked, you must register your team as a official tag team or six man team. Select "My Tag Teams" or "My Six Man Teams" menu option under the WRESTLERS main menu.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DUPLICATE MATCHES! Only select the same opponent 1x each round of play.

Choosing Opponents

DO NOT DUPLICATE MATCHES! Only select the same opponent 1x each round of play.  Because the point value system we use to determine who wins and loses each round of play is fixed, it would be unfair to gang up on the same wrestler multiple times.

Submit Out of Ring Action


Vacated Titles


Promotions Dashboard


Promotion Deadlines

Your promotions deadline is the day/time in which all you must have your wrestler's strategy updated, your match requests signed and your out of ring action (interviews/promos, sneak attacks, dressing rooms brawls or whatever you want to write) MUST BE entered by YOU in order to be a part of the next round of play. 

Champions & Rankings


World Champions


Federation Champions

Federation champions also defend their Federation titles against the promotion champions each round of action. 

When a Federation champion wins a World title, they automatically vacate their Federation title.  Vacant Federation titles are then filled by comparing the scores of all the Promotion champions in that Federation and awarding the vacant title to the Promotion champion with the highest score.

Promotions Champions




Match Results


Title Match Results


Out of Ring Action


Roleplaying: Feuds and Angles



The role of the Commissioner in a promotion is to recruit players into their promotion and to increase engagement and activity. There are a variety of ways that this can happen, but the most notable thing that the Commissioner does is submit a 1- or 2-page Commissioner’s Report each month. The report format and content vary from promotion to promotion – the likes of which are entirely up to the Commissioner – but, traditionally the report might include information such as contests, upcoming events, and monthly awards. Although not required, some Commissioners also choose to create Commissioner-sponsored Titles, for which title defenses are based on a criterion that they set themselves. Players may access this report by clicking the link titled “Commissioner Report” within their promotion’s league page.

The Commissioner may also award up to 5 free match credits each month based on an objective criterion that is communicated through their report (such as submitting the best interview or the wrestler with the highest score).

* When submitting the report, it is requested that Commissioners convert the report into a .jpg image.

For the commissioners reports…we do provide a template (MS PowerPoint) that you can use. You can create your own. The end result should be YOU creating the images (.JPG files only). We provide commissioners only with a screen where you can create the commissioner report, then add details (title, date) and then upload your files.

The FWA’s goal is that each promotion would have an active Commissioner. If you are in a promotion that does not have a Commissioner, you may apply for the position by emailing the FWA and requesting it.

COMMISSIONER REPORT IMAGES: Any Commissioner Reports images added MUST NOT have a width greater than 700 pixels or a height greater than 900 pixels. 

TV Show Bookers

The role of the TV Show Booker is to write a monthly television show that will help increase engagement and activity within the promotion. Each promotion’s TV show automatically features the open invitation battle royal and the TV Title Match each month, but the Booker may add to the show as he chooses. Some bookers choose to insert full match writeups, interviews, and other segments in this space, others choose to insert only the highlight summaries. Some Bookers base the match results off of the prior month’s content, other Bookers prepare multiple outcomes for a match and wait to see the House Results for that month before posting it so that their shows are based on the current month’s action. The choice is entirely up to the Booker for each promotion as to how they would like to run their show! Many Bookers also book matches for Commissioner sponsored titles in their promotion.

The Booker has access to edit the TV Show prior to when the promotion processes. Within that dashboard, content can be added that appears either before or after the battle royal + TV Title Match.

The Commissioner and the TV Show Booker do not need to be the same person. In fact, in many cases the FWA prefers that the duties of these roles are separated between two or more people (although, in such cases, it is imperative that the Commissioner & Booker work closely together). If you are in a promotion that does not have a TV Booker or that has an inconsistent one, you may apply for the position by emailing the FWA.

Point Values



Stables are groups that managers form. Stables traditionally add some type of prefix (with a colon) to their wrestlers names (example: BW: Johnny Hogan -- BW being the code for the "Best Wrestlers" stable).

Managers create the stable name, code and manage the other members of their stable.


You can transfer a wrestler to another promotion at any time. However, when you transfer into a new promotion your wrestlers current record will reset to 0-0-0.

If you transfer a wrestler (or wrestlers) who hold a promotion title, they will vacate the title.  Federation champions who transfer to a different promotion that is in the Federation do not vacate their title.  World champions can transfer to any Federation or Promotion without vacating their World title.


Wrestlers accumulate fantasy cash for winning matches, winning titles, successful title defenses, and other bonuses that appear from time to time.



Pay Per Views




Monthly TV Champions Battle Royal






Reset Records

You can reset a wrestlers record at anytime. Just email the FWA office.

Change Wrestler Name

You can edit a wrestlers name at anytime through the Wrestler edit screen.

IMPORTANT: Changing a wrestlers name WILL update any past match results with the new name.


The FWA allows payment by credit card or by mailing a check.

Subscriptions: Managers that have a subscription account and pay by credit card. At the end of each month, the FWA will send you an email that contains instructions how to paid by credit card.

Send payment by Mail: Managers that pay by sending a check thru the mail follow a similar process. At the end of each month, the FWA will send you an email that contains invoice (or bill) that you can print out and mail to the FWA along with your check.


The FWA has taken every possible precaution to ensure that no manager gains an unfair advantage over another. Any manager found attempting to cheat or having committed an act of cheating in any way will be terminated from the FWA. We are committed to keeping the FWA fun and fair for all of our players!

Questions and Complaints

Send email to:

Contact the FWA


By Mail:
Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
PO Box 235
Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033