The FWA is an interactive, narrative-based web game. You will create your fictional Manager and Wrestler. You will join your Wrestler to a Promotion with other Managers and Wrestlers created by people just like you from all over the world. Then you will compete against those other Managers and Wrestlers in matches, call them out or attack them in the backstage area in promos you write and more!

You can play the game from the perspective of the manager of your wrestler, or just the wrestler, or both. You can decide.


Getting Started

So how do you get started? Simply register to create your account. Once activated, you need to build out your Manager Profile (Registration automatically creates a default Manager profile for you).

Once your Manager Profile is ready, you can create Wrestlers. After that you join your Wrestler to a FWA promotion and then you are ready to start playing the FWA!

Round of Play

Now that you have a wrestler has joined a FWA promotion, it's time to start playing the game.

All of the action takes place on the screens of the promotion you joined your wrestler to. The promotion screens display the champions, rankings, match results, promos and other out of ring action write-ups, commissioner reports, TV show for the current round of play. Before the deadline for the next round of play, you will sign matches (you request singles, tag team and/or six man matches for your wrestler against other wrestlers in your promotion). You write and save interviews, promos, out of ring action or any other action that you dream up.

When the promotions deadline comes, we will run all of the matches to determine the results and then display the results when completed. We will make all of the promos/out of ring action write-ups that you and the other managers in that promotion saved viewable for everyone to read. There's plenty more: like title match defenses, commissioner's report, tv show write-ups.

Then, we basically wait until the next deadline to do it all again.


Welcome to the FWA Manager Dashboard, your portal to the exhilarating world of professional wrestling! The Manager Dashboard is the very first screen you encounter upon logging into the FWA website. Here, you'll find an array of essential features and Quick Links that empower you to navigate, manage, and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action of the FWA universe.

Key Features:

1. Manager Profiles: The Manager Dashboard is your starting point for managing your wrestling career. With just a click, you can access and update your manager profile, adding a personal touch to your FWA journey.

2. Wrestlers, Tag Teams, and Six Man Teams: Explore the roster of talented wrestlers and teams, including Tag Teams and Six Man teams. Review their profiles, track records, and championships to form alliances and devise winning strategies.

3. FWA Promotions: This is where all the action unfolds. Dive into the FWA Promotions section to discover and participate in a diverse range of wrestling events, matches, and storylines that will test your managerial skills to the limit.

4. Announcements: Stay informed about the latest news and updates from the FWA. Whether it's schedule changes, upcoming tournaments, or exclusive events, you'll find it all in the Announcements section.

5. FWA Wide Rankings: The rankings matter in the world of wrestling. Keep an eye on the FWA Wide Rankings to see how your wrestlers or teams stack up against the competition, and plan your ascent to the top accordingly.

6. Champion Rollcall: Champions are the pinnacle of success in the FWA. The Champion Rollcall section is your guide to the titleholders, their reigns, and their challengers. Will your manager skills guide your team to championship glory?

7. And More: The Manager Dashboard is equipped with various other useful features and tools, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips to excel in the world of FWA wrestling.

Whether you're a seasoned manager or a newcomer looking to make a name for yourself in the wrestling world, the Manager Dashboard on the FWA website is your ultimate resource. It's your one-stop-shop for managing your wrestling stable, tracking the latest events, and staying connected with the pulse of the FWA universe.

So, strap in, gear up, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey through the exciting and dynamic world of professional wrestling, right here on the FWA Manager Dashboard. Your wrestling adventure begins now!


The Messages Area on the FWA website is more than just a digital space; it's a vital tool that connects wrestling enthusiasts, managers, and competitors from all corners of the FWA universe. Here's how the Message Area serves as a hub for communication and camaraderie:

Sending Messages: Whether you're looking to strike up a conversation with a fellow wrestler, discuss strategies with your team, or collaborate with other managers, the Message Area provides a straightforward and efficient way to get in touch. To send a message, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Log In: Ensure you're logged into your FWA account.

  2. Access the Message Area: Navigate to the Message Area on the FWA website. It's typically located within the user dashboard for easy access.

  3. Compose Your Message: Click on the "Compose" or "New Message" button, and you'll be prompted to enter the recipient's username, subject, and message content.

  4. Send Your Message: Once your message is ready, hit the "Send" button, and your message will be on its way.

Receiving Messages: Conversely, when other FWA users reach out to you, their messages will appear in your Message Area. You can easily access and respond to these messages from the same space. Notifications are often provided to ensure you never miss an important message.

Enhancing Player Interaction: The Message Area is instrumental in fostering interactions between players in the FWA community. It's an ideal platform for:

  • Strategizing: Managers can coordinate with their wrestlers and team members to plan matches, tactics, and storylines.
  • Announcements: Stay informed about the latest developments, promotions, and events within the FWA community.
  • Role-Playing: Participate in role-playing conversations that add depth and excitement to your wrestling narratives.

Privacy and Security: Your privacy and security are of utmost importance in the FWA Message Area. Messages are typically private, and only the intended recipients have access to them. The FWA takes measures to protect users from unsolicited messages and spam, ensuring a safe and enjoyable communication experience.

The Message Area is your bridge to connect with fellow wrestling enthusiasts, share ideas, and coordinate your actions within the FWA universe. It's a dynamic space where you can strategize, negotiate, and engage in the vibrant community that makes FWA one of the most exciting wrestling experiences online. So, step into the virtual ring, use the Message Area to your advantage, and let the conversations and collaborations begin!

Manager Profiles

The Manager Profiles in the FWA are the gateway to your unique wrestling persona and journey within the exhilarating FWA universe. Here's an overview of what Manager Profiles entail and how they empower you to shape your wrestling identity:

Real Names or Fictitious Personas:
The FWA celebrates individuality and creativity, allowing players the freedom to choose whether they want to use their real name or create a fictitious wrestling persona for their Manager Profile. This flexibility means you can immerse yourself in the wrestling world as yourself or adopt a captivating alter ego, all according to your preference.

Managing Multiple Wrestlers:
One of the exciting aspects of the FWA is the ability to manage multiple wrestlers, each with their distinct wrestling styles, stories, and aspirations. Within your Manager Profile, you can oversee one or more of these wrestlers, guiding their careers and making strategic decisions that affect their journey. You're not limited to a single wrestler; you have the freedom to manage multiple, making your FWA experience as diverse and engaging as you desire.

Privacy and Anonymity:
At the FWA, we understand the importance of privacy and anonymity. Your real contact information will never be publicly revealed anywhere on the FWA website. Your personal identity remains protected, ensuring that your wrestling adventures are enjoyed in a secure and confidential environment. We respect your right to anonymity, and it is a cornerstone of our commitment to your FWA experience.

Wrestler's Overall Points Roll-Up:
Each wrestler you manage in the FWA accumulates overall points based on their in-ring performance, victories, and achievements. It's essential to recognize that these overall points are attributed to your Manager Profile. Therefore, the number of wrestlers you manage directly influences your Manager Profile's success and ranking. Carefully consider how many Manager Profiles you create and which wrestlers you map to them. Balancing your managerial responsibilities can have a significant impact on your standing in the FWA community.

In summary, Manager Profiles in the FWA provide you with the canvas to create and nurture your wrestling identity. Whether you choose to be yourself or craft a fictional persona, and whether you opt for a single wrestler or manage a stable, the FWA empowers you to shape your unique journey. Privacy and anonymity are paramount, ensuring your real-world identity remains confidential. Your decisions within the FWA, the number of wrestlers you manage, and how you map them to your Manager Profiles all directly impact your path to wrestling stardom. So, embrace the world of FWA, create your Manager Profile, and embark on an epic wrestling adventure of your own design!


In the FWA, you are not just a spectator; you're a wrestling visionary. You get to create, nurture, and guide your very own wrestling superstars—your wrestlers. Here's everything you need to know about your wrestlers' journey within the FWA:

Wrestler Creation:
Creating a wrestler in the FWA is your opportunity to bring a wrestling persona to life. You have the creative freedom to design every aspect of your wrestler, from their birthplace to their signature moves.

Fantasy Career Management:
Once your wrestler is born in the FWA, you become their manager and guide them through a captivating fantasy career. As their manager, you make strategic decisions that will impact their story, feuds, alliances, and journey to championship glory. Your wrestler's performance in matches is determined by the FWA's internal systems, so you can focus on storytelling and character development without worrying about how profile information affects match outcomes.

Multiple Wrestlers:
The FWA doesn't limit your creativity. You have the option to create and manage more than one wrestler, each with a distinct persona, backstory, and wrestling style. This flexibility allows you to explore various characters and narratives within the wrestling world. Whether you want to lead a solo career or form tag teams and alliances, it's all within your grasp.

Association with Manager Profiles:
To keep things organized, you associate each of your wrestlers with a manager profile. This connection allows you to switch between your wrestlers seamlessly while managing their careers. Your manager profile is the gateway to your stable of wrestlers, offering an efficient way to navigate and strategize.

In summary, wrestlers in the FWA website are your canvas for creating legendary wrestling personas. Your creative control spans from their personal details to their captivating biographies and visual identities. As their manager, you'll guide their fantasy careers, making strategic decisions that influence their paths to glory. Feel free to explore and create multiple wrestlers, each with their unique story and character. Your wrestlers' in-ring performance is determined by FWA's systems, allowing you to focus on the storytelling and drama of professional wrestling without worrying about how profile information impacts match outcomes. So, dive in, create your wrestlers, and let their journeys through the FWA universe begin!


Wrestler Strategy

In the FWA, your wrestler's strategy revolves around a carefully selected arsenal of 15 holds, plus a Finisher hold, which you designate for your wrestler to use during their matches. These holds, chosen from the FWA master list of 104 hold, are pivotal in determining your wrestler's performance in the ring. Here's how the strategy works:

Selecting Your Holds:
At the heart of your wrestler's strategy are the 15 holds and a Finisher hold. These holds represent the maneuvers and techniques your wrestler employs during matches. Your task is to handpick 16 holds from the FWA master list of 104 available. These holds come in various styles and categories, each with its own unique point values. Your goal is to predict which holds will earn your wrestler the highest points in each round of play.

Point Values:
Every round of play, the FWA assigns point values to each hold, ranging from 11 to 36. These point values are not constant and can change, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable wrestling experience. The FWA does apply basic patterns for how the point values will move from point value set to the next point value set.

Strategic Decision-Making:
Choosing the 16 holds for your wrestler is where strategy and anticipation come into play. Your decisions should be based on your wrestler's style, strengths, and the type of matches they frequently engage in. Additionally, you should consider your opponent's tendencies and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  •     Diversity: A well-rounded selection of holds that cover various styles and situations can give your wrestler versatility and resilience in the ring.
  •     Counterplay: Anticipating your opponent's moves and preparing counters can be a game-changer, helping you gain an upper hand during the match.
  •     Signature Moves: Designating your wrestler's Finisher hold is crucial, as it's often a high-impact maneuver that can turn the tide of a match.
  •     Adaptation: Be prepared to adjust your strategy as the match unfolds. Sometimes, changing tactics mid-match can surprise your opponent and secure a victory.

Continuous Refinement:
Wrestler strategy in the FWA is not a one-time decision. It's an evolving process that requires continuous refinement and adaptation. As your wrestler's career progresses and you face different opponents, you may need to tweak your selection of holds and refine your strategy to remain competitive.

In summary, wrestler strategy in the FWA is an intricate dance of anticipation and adaptability. Selecting the right holds, predicting point values, and staying one step ahead of your opponents are essential elements of success in the squared circle. Whether you aim to overpower your rivals with brute force, outmaneuver them with finesse, or surprise them with calculated tactics, your wrestler's strategy is your key to mastering the art of holds in the world of FWA wrestling.


Tag Teams

Tag teams in the FWA operate as dynamic and exciting components of the professional wrestling world. The FWA prides itself on promoting thrilling tag team matches that add an extra layer of excitement to the wrestling experience. Here's how tag teams work in the FWA:

Tag Team Creation:
In the FWA, the formation of tag teams is a significant part of the wrestling landscape. To be officially recognized as a tag team and have a documented win-loss-draw record, wrestlers must create their tag team through the dedicated "Tag Team" area on the FWA website. This platform allows wrestlers to register their partnership, establish their team name, and provide a brief introduction to their unique wrestling style and persona.

Official Recognition:
Once a tag team is created in the designated section of the FWA website, they receive official recognition within the organization. This recognition includes the assignment of a unique tag team name and the allocation of a distinct tag team profile on the FWA website. This profile will be accessible to fans, providing them with information about the tag team's members, wrestling style, and achievements.

Ranking and Win-Loss-Draw Record:
Tag teams in the FWA are actively ranked based on their performance in tag team matches. Wins, losses, and draws are meticulously recorded and displayed on the FWA website for fans and wrestlers to track. The win-loss-draw record serves as a testament to a tag team's prowess and resilience, highlighting their journey and success within the organization.

Opportunities and Championships:
Tag teams in the FWA have the opportunity to compete in various tag team matches, tournaments, and special events. The most successful tag teams are often contenders for the prestigious FWA World Tag Team titles, a sought-after title that symbolizes tag team excellence in the world of the FWA!.

Transfering your Tag Team:
If you are transferring your tag team to a different FWA promotion, you must "Transfer Out" your tag team from the Tag Team section of the FWA website. It is also best to Transfer out your wrestlers first and then join them to their new promotion. Once this has been completed, please email the FWA Office and we will transfer your tag team to their new promotion.

In conclusion, tag teams in the FWA play a vital role in the wrestling organization's rich tapestry. To be officially recognized and ranked, tag teams must be created through the FWA website's dedicated tag team area, where they are given a platform to introduce themselves to fans. The win-loss-draw record, championships, and fan engagement features further enhance the tag team experience in the FWA, making it a thrilling and integral part of professional wrestling.


Six Man Teams

In the FWA, six-man teams bring an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie to the squared circle. Creating a six-man team is your ticket to becoming a pivotal force in the FWA universe. Here's how it all works:

Forming Your Six Man Team:
Creating a six-man team in the FWA is your first step toward wrestling glory. To be officially recognized as a six-man team and have your performance documented with a win-loss-draw record, you must initiate this process through the designated "Six Man Teams" area on the FWA website. Here, you can give your team a unique name, outline your team's identity, and get ready to embark on an exciting journey together.

Competing and Achieving Glory:
Once your six-man team is established, you'll have the chance to compete in the various promotions and events hosted by the FWA. Prove your mettle in tag team and six-man team matches, showcasing your teamwork, strategy, and in-ring chemistry.

Ranking and Records:
The FWA takes records and rankings seriously, and this extends to six-man teams. Your team's wins, losses, and draws are meticulously documented to track your progress and performance. The FWA Wide Rankings provide a comprehensive view of where your team stands within the organization.

Transferring Your Six Man Team:
Should you decide to take your six-man team's talents to a different FWA promotion, we've got you covered. In the "Six Man Teams" section of the FWA website, you can execute a "Transfer Out" for your team. It is advisable to first transfer out your individual wrestlers to their new destination. Once that's complete, reach out to the FWA Office via email, and we'll ensure a smooth transition for your six-man team to its new promotion. This process helps maintain the integrity of team records and history during the transfer.

Building Your Legacy:
In the world of wrestling, championship glory and legendary status await those who dare to challenge the best. Whether you're competing for championships, contending in thrilling storylines, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of your team, your journey in the FWA as part of a six-man team promises an unforgettable and adrenaline-fueled experience.

The FWA is committed to providing a platform for you and your six-man team to shine. So, gather your allies, create your team, and prepare for epic battles as you carve your path to wrestling greatness in the FWA. Your destiny in the ring is only a few clicks away, and your journey to becoming a wrestling legend starts here.


Win-Loss Records

In the FWA, Win-Loss Records stand as the veritable tapestry that weaves the narrative of each virtual wrestling gladiator's journey. This intricate record-keeping system not only serves as a testament to triumphs and tribulations but also as a key factor in determining a wrestler's standing within the league.

Wins: Wins are the crown jewels in the FWA, signifying a wrestler's prowess and strategic acumen in the digital squared circle. Whether secured through a decisive pinfall, a compelling submission, or any other electrifying means, victories contribute not only to a wrestler's current points but also to their overall legacy within the league.

Losses: Every loss etches its mark on a wrestler's journey, a reminder of the unpredictable and fiercely competitive nature of the fantasy wrestling realm. Pinfalls, submissions, or other outcomes leading to defeat contribute to the complexity of the Win-Loss Records, showcasing the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in this dynamic environment.

Draws (Current and Overall): Draws inject an element of uncertainty and excitement into the FWA. Whether resulting from time limits, double disqualifications, or other scenarios where a clear victor remains elusive, draws earn wrestlers a commendable 1 point. Both current and overall draws contribute to the lifetime accumulation of a wrestler's points, offering a nuanced perspective on their ability to navigate challenging situations.

Current Points (Latest Round of Play):

Wrestler Wins Losses Draws Current Points
Wrestler A 10 5 2 36
Wrestler B 8 6 3 27
Wrestler C 12 3 1 37

Table Note: Wrestlers earn +3 points for each win, face a deduction of -2 points for each loss, and receive 1 point for a draw.

The current points, based on the latest round of play, provide an immediate snapshot of a wrestler's recent performance. These points not only contribute to the ongoing season standings but also shape the narrative of rivalries and alliances within the FWA.

Overall Points (Lifetime Accumulation):

Wrestler Wins Losses Draws Overall Points
Wrestler A 10 5 2 120
Wrestler B 8 6 3 85
Wrestler C 12 3 1 150

The overall points represent the culmination of a wrestler's lifetime performance in the FWA. This cumulative score is a testament to their enduring impact, determining their place in the annals of fantasy wrestling history and serving as a benchmark for championship aspirations.

Public Profiles (Wrestlers, Tag-Teams, Six Man Teams, Managers)

In the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (FWA), wrestler names, manager profile names, tag team names, and six-man team names are integral components that add depth to the virtual wrestling experience. To enhance the engagement of FWA participants and fans, the league has implemented a hyperlink system that seamlessly connects these names to detailed profile pages.

Profile Visibility:

  • For transparency, all wrestler, manager, tag team, and six-man team profiles are accessible by default.
  • However, in the case of manager profiles set to "hidden," clicking on the manager's name will not lead to a profile page. This adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the FWA landscape, allowing managers to operate in the shadows if they choose.

The hyperlinked profile system in the FWA not only enriches the participant experience but also fosters a sense of community and interaction among fans. It serves as a digital portal to explore the diverse personalities and strategies that shape the competitive and captivating world of fantasy wrestling.


In the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (FWA) lies the dynamic realm of Promotions, where the saga of champions, rankings, matches, out-of-ring actions, television shows, commissioner reports, and more unfolds. Promotions serve as the epicenter of all FWA activities, providing the stage for virtual wrestling glory. Here's an overview of the key rules governing Promotions:

  1. Federation Affiliation:

    • Each Promotion is affiliated with a specific Federation within the FWA. Federations add a thematic and organizational layer to the FWA experience, shaping the narrative and context for the virtual wrestling world.
  2. Promotion Deadlines:

    • Promotions operate on a schedule with designated deadlines. These deadlines mark the cut-off date for players to submit their match requests, out-of-ring action write-ups, and update their wrestlers' strategies.
    • These deadlines ensure the smooth progression of the FWA narrative, allowing for timely resolution of matches, developments in storylines, and accurate tracking of rankings.
  3. Frequency of Promotion Action:

    • Promotions have different frequencies, determining how often the action takes place within each Federation. This frequency sets the pace of the FWA universe, providing a structured rhythm to the unfolding drama.
    • Some Promotions may have weekly events, while others might operate on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. This diversity adds variety to the FWA landscape, catering to different playing styles and preferences.
  4. Champions and Rankings:

    • Promotions host championship titles and maintain rankings that reflect the competitive hierarchy within each Federation.
    • Championship titles are contested in matches, and the outcome of these bouts can lead to changes in the rankings, influencing the trajectory of individual wrestlers and teams.
  5. Television Shows:

    • Television shows within Promotions serve as the primary platform for showcasing matches, interviews, and unfolding storylines.
    • These shows are pivotal in building the FWA narrative, creating engaging content for fans, and advancing the overarching plotlines that define the virtual wrestling experience.
  6. Commissioner Reports:

    • Commissioners play a crucial role in overseeing the operations of each Promotion. Commissioner reports provide updates on the state of the Federation, announcements, and insights into the commissioner's decisions that may impact the FWA landscape.
  7. Player Participation:

    • Players are actively involved in shaping the destiny of their wrestlers and teams within Promotions. They submit match requests, out-of-ring action write-ups, and update their wrestlers' strategies to influence the unfolding events.

In essence, Promotions are the tapestry upon which the rich and dynamic story of the FWA is woven. With distinct federations, deadlines, frequencies, championships, and commissioner reports, they create a vibrant and immersive environment for participants to engage in the thrilling world of fantasy wrestling.


Nestled between the grandeur of the World Championships and the intimate drama of individual Promotions, Federations in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (FWA) serve as a pivotal tier, uniting two or more promotions under a common banner. Here are the essential rules governing Federations:

  1. Federation Structure:

    • Federations are conglomerates, bringing together the storylines, competitions, and talent from multiple Promotions within the FWA. This tier adds an additional layer of complexity and rivalry to the overarching narrative.
  2. Federation Champions:

    • Each Federation boasts its own set of champions, including the prestigious Federation Champion, who stands at the apex of the Federation hierarchy.
    • The Federation Champion is a title of great honor, symbolizing supremacy within the Federation and earning the right to challenge for the coveted World Championship.
  3. Federation Secondary Champion:

    • In addition to the Federation Champion, there exists a Federation Secondary Champion. This title provides an opportunity for another wrestler to shine, showcasing their skills and aspirations within the Federation.
  4. Tag-Team and Six-Man Champions:

    • Federations recognize the importance of teamwork, and as such, they host Tag-Team and Six-Man Championships. These titles emphasize the collaborative efforts of wrestlers within the Federation, adding an extra layer of excitement to the FWA landscape.
  5. World Title Shots for Federation Champions:

    • One of the unique privileges of holding the Federation Championship is the guaranteed opportunity for a World Title shot. The Federation Champion earns the right to step onto the grand stage and vie for the ultimate honor in the FWA.
  6. Inter-Federation Rivalries:

    • Federations foster a sense of camaraderie and competition among the member Promotions. Rivalries can extend beyond the confines of individual Promotions, creating captivating storylines that transcend the boundaries of the Federation.
  7. Unified Storytelling:

    • Federations serve as a unifying force, allowing for interconnected storytelling across member Promotions. This cohesion contributes to a cohesive and immersive experience for participants and fans alike.
  8. Champion Versatility:

    • Wrestlers holding Federation titles have the flexibility to traverse between member Promotions, showcasing their talents and defending their titles in different arenas. This versatility adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the FWA narrative.

In essence, Federations in the FWA act as the bridge between the local drama of individual Promotions and the global scale of the World Championships. With distinct titles, special privileges, and interwoven storylines, Federations elevate the stakes and create a multi-faceted and enthralling world of fantasy wrestling.


In the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (FWA), Matches serve as the epicenter of competition, strategy, and drama. Wrestlers step into the simulated match program, engaging in thrilling bouts where victories are earned, and legacies are shaped. Here's a guide to the rules governing Matches in the FWA:

  1. Simulation Dynamics:

    • Matches unfold in a simulated match program, a sophisticated system that calculates wrestler scores based on their chosen strategies and assigned point values. This system brings the virtual battles to life, determining the victor based on in-ring performance.
  2. Manager/Player Control:

    • As the manager/player, you wield the power to influence the destiny of your wrestler. It is your strategic acumen that will guide your wrestler to victory or, conversely, test their mettle against formidable opponents.
  3. Match Selection:

    • Before each round of promotion play, you have the opportunity to select the matches in which your wrestler will participate. This includes the flexibility to choose between singles, tag team, or six-man matches, allowing for a diverse range of strategic possibilities.
  4. Manager Toolbox:

    • To sign matches for your wrestlers, navigate to your wrestler's promotion and access the Manager Toolbox. This central hub empowers you to make critical decisions regarding match participation, ensuring that your wrestler is strategically positioned for success.
  5. Strategic Significance:

    • Your decisions in the Manager Toolbox extend beyond match signings. Crafting a winning strategy involves considering not only the type of match but also the specific opponents, ensuring your wrestler is poised for success in the ever-evolving landscape of fantasy wrestling.

Matches in the FWA are not just battles of strength; they are strategic encounters where every decision can tip the scales of victory. With the simulated match program, diverse match types, and the Manager Toolbox at your disposal, the stage is set for a captivating journey into the heart of virtual wrestling competition.



In the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (FWA), the outcome of Matches is not left to chance; it is meticulously calculated through the Match Simulator program. This program serves as the arbiter, compaing each wrestlers' (or tag-team/six man team) strategy and assigned point values to determine the ultimate victor. Here's a breakdown of how Match Results are determined in the FWA:

  1. Calculation of Wrestler Scores:
    • Wrestlers' scores are calculated by summing the point values assigned to each of their 15 standard moves, including their finishing move, also known as a strategy.

  2. Highest Score Wins:
    • The wrestler with the highest accumulated score at the conclusion of the simulated match is declared the winner.
  3. Tied Scores Result in Draws:

    • In the event of tied scores between two wrestlers in a singles match, the outcome is declared a draw. Draws signify that both competitors demonstrated equal prowess, and neither emerged as the definitive victor.
  4. Tag Team and Six-Man Matches:

    • For Tag Team and Six-Man Matches, the scores of individual team members are added together to determine the overall team score. The team with the highest combined score is declared the winner.
    • This approach underscores the collaborative effort within a team, where each member's contribution plays a vital role in securing victory.

By utilizing the Match Simulator program, the FWA ensures a fair, dynamic, and strategic evaluation of every match. Wrestlers and managers alike must navigate the virtual ring with finesse and calculated decision-making to secure triumph and etch their names in the annals of fantasy wrestling history. The Match Results Determination process is a testament to the FWA's commitment to providing an challenging and competitve experience for all players.


In the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance (FWA), the artistry of a wrestler's performance is intricately woven through the selection of Moves/Holds and their corresponding Point Values. Here's a comprehensive guide to this crucial aspect of FWA character creation and match strategy:

  1. Character Creation and Strategy:

    • Upon creating a wrestler, managers are tasked with shaping their wrestler's strategic arsenal. This is achieved by selecting 15 standard holds/moves and one finishing move, collectively known as the wrestler's "strategy." The combination of these selected moves forms the foundation for how the wrestler will perform in matches.
  2. Official Holds List:

    • Wrestlers draw their repertoire from the official holds list, a diverse catalog that spans a spectrum of grappling maneuvers, strikes, and aerial techniques. This list empowers managers to craft a unique and dynamic strategy for their wrestlers.
  3. Point Values Assignment:

    • Each round of play within the wrestler's promotion involves the assignment of point values to the selected holds/moves. The FWA assigns a point value ranging from 11 to 36 to each move, representing its effectiveness in the upcoming matches.
  4. Dynamic Weekly Changes:

    • The point values attached to holds/moves undergo dynamic weekly changes, injecting an element of unpredictability into the strategic landscape. This ensures that managers must adapt their wrestler's strategy based on the evolving strengths and weaknesses of their selected moves.
  5. Point Value Range:

    • Each hold is assigned a value within the range of 11 to 36 points, each value shared four times. This range reflects the varying degrees of impact, technical finesse, and crowd-pleasing spectacle associated with each move.
  6. Four Holds per Point Value:

    • To add complexity and variety, each point value is shared by four different holds. This not only diversifies the available strategic options but also introduces an element of mystery, as managers must carefully consider which specific hold to deploy.
  7. Maximum Score:

    • The highest possible score a wrestler can achieve is 552 points. This scenario is realized when all sixteen holds/moves are strategically chosen to have point values between 33-36. This perfect alignment represents the pinnacle of a wrestler's effectiveness within the FWA.

In crafting the Moves/Holds and selecting Point Values, managers engage in a dynamic dance of strategy and foresight. The ever-changing landscape of point values adds layers of depth to match planning, ensuring that each round of play is a unique and strategically nuanced journey into the world of the FWA.

Moves/Holds List


Singles Matches


Tag Team Matches


Six Man Matches


Battle Royals

To understand the way this match type works, you first have to understand how the holds are chosen. When you enter your wrestler's strategy, you enter moves 1 thru 15 plus a finishing move. The order of holds is important because round by round the hold number used (1-16) is chosen at random.

Round by Round results:

A random hold number is chosen for comparison. The wrestler with the lowest point total for the chosen hold is eliminated. In the event of a tie, the wrestler (among those tied) with the lowest total number of points (the sum of all 16 holds) is eliminated. If wrestlers are still tied, the eliminated wrestler is the wrestler who entered the Battle Royal last.

The "eliminated by" wrestler from round to round is chosen at random until the last round where the only remaining wrestler becomes the winner.

For example, the computer may select the battle royal hold order to be 3, 1, 15, 8, 2, 4, 9, 16, 13, 5, 6, 7, 14, 10, 12, 11. The first wrestler eliminated from the match would be the entrant that has the lowest valued in the 3rd hold of his strategy. The second wrestler eliminated is the remaining wrestler with the lowest value in the 1st hold from his strategy. The third wrestler eliminated is the remaining wrestler with the lowest value in the 15th hold of his strategy. This continues until there is only one wrestler left in the match. If there are more than 16 wrestlers entered into the battle royal, then the hold order will repeat.

Title Matches

Titles are defended by champions in the FWA. When we "run" the matches -- and it could be one or more promotions at a time -- title matches run after all of the requested singles tag-tean and six man matches are completed. World title matches run first (for all promotions in action), then Federation title matches (for all promotions in action), then finally, the Promotions title matches.

World Title and Federation titles are defended in each promotion.  The order the promotions appear on the promotions dashboard screen is the order the world champions and federations defend their belts.



World Title World Champion defends against the Federation Champion.
Intercontinental Title World Champion defends against the Federation Secondary Champion.
World Tag Team Title World Tag Team Champions defends against the Federation Tag Team Champions.
World Six Man Title World Six Man Champions defends against the Federation Six Man Champions.


Champions Advantage: Champions Advantage is 20 points for World title matches. Challenger(s) must defeat the Champion(s) by 21 points or more to win the belt.

** World title matches take place in the Division champion's promotion (viewable in the Match Results section)



Federation Title Federation Champion defends against the Promotion Champion.
Federation Secondary Title Federation Secondary Champion defends against the Promotion Secondary Champion.
Federation Tag Team Title Federation Tag Team Champions defends against the Promotion Tag Team Champions.
* Title matches are auto-scheduled and do not require the manager to request the title match!
Federation Six Man Title Federation Six Man Champions defends against the Promotion Six Man Champions.
* Title matches are auto-scheduled and do not require the manager to request the title match!


Champions Advantage: Champions Advantage is 10 points for Division title matches. Challenger(s) must defeat the Champion(s) by 11 points or more to win the belt.

** Federation title matches take place in the Promotion's champion's promotion (viewable in the Match Results section)



Promotion Title Promotion Champion defends against the Top (# configured per promotion) ranked wrestlers.
Promotion Secondary Title Promotion Secondary Champion defends against wrestlers in the promotion who request a title match for the promotion secondary title. The wrestler (who requested a title match) with the highest point score is awarded the promotion secondary title (no matches run).
** All ranked wrestlers are eligible to request a promotion secondary title shot. However, if a Top 10 ranked wrestler requests a secondary title shot, has the highest point score and they first win the promotion title (promotion title matches run first), the secondary title will be awarded to thr wrestler (who requested a secondary title shot) with the next highest score.
Promotion Tag Team Title Promotion Tag Team Champions defends against the Top 5 ranked tag teams
Promotion Six Man Title Promotion Six Man Champions defends against the Top 5 ranked six man teams
Promotion TV Title TV Title matches take place on the monthly Promotion TV show. The winner of the monthly battle royal (which also takes place on the TV show) earns the next TV Title shot.

* Promotion TV champions are automatically entered into a end-of-the-month promotions tv champions battle royal!


Champions Advantage: Champions Advantage is 5 points for Promotion title matches. Challenger(s) must defeat the Champion(s) by 6 points or more to win the belt.

Champions Advantage


Specialty Matches

The FWA allows you to select specialty matches when signing/requesting matches. However, we must warn you that matches where a specialty match has been selected work differently than our regular matches

Special matches have a different set of 10 specialty moves/holds that are randonly incorporated into the mspecialty for your wrestler and your opponent.  The specialty match moves/holds have fixed values associated with them.  The specialty match system will randonly check each round of moves whether to use a move/hold from your strategy or select a move from that specialty match move/hold chart.  The specialty match system will randomly replace between 1 and 8 holds per match in each wrestler’s strategy using the specialty moves allowing for a different result than a standard match. Therefore, you are allowed to challenge an opponent more than 1x per round of play IF you a selecting specialty matches.

WARNING: Due to the random nature of the specialty match system, specialty matches can be more violatile. A high scoring strategy does not mean you will win a specialty match!

Match Tiebreakers

For matches that cannot end in a draw, such as fill vacant tiel matches and tournaments, the following tiebreaker system will be utilized: (note that for tag team and six man matches, the same formula will be used except that the points per move will be totaled for all wrestlers on the team.

  • 1st tiebreaker: Wrestler whose finishing move has the highest points is the winner.
  • 2nd tiebreaker: Wrestler whose move #15 has the highest points is the winner.
  • 3rd tiebreaker: Wrestler whose move #14 has the highest points is the winner.
  • 4th tiebreaker and on: Move 13 will be compared, then 12, etc. until one wrestler has a higher score for the move and is declared the winner.

In the event all 16 moves are used and the wrestlers are still tied, lifetime ranking points will be compared. The wrestler with the highest total will be declared the winner.

If the two wrestlers are still tied, we will compare Overall Points.

If the two wrestlers are still tied, we will compare Current Points.

If the two wrestlers are still tied, a coin toss will determine the winner.

* If a tie breaker is needed in a fill vacant title match and one or both wrestlers were not active in regular competition (their record was 0-0-0 after all singles, tag team and six man action), the title will either be awarded to the active wrestler or neither (if both were not active in regular competiton).

Signing Matches

For each round of play, you must sign/request matches for your wrestler(s).  You may select any opponent(s) in singles, tag team and/or six matches.  For tag team and six man matches, you may select any partners.

RANKED TAG TEAMS/SIX MAN TEAMS: If you have a tag team or six man team and want to be ranked, you must register your team as a official tag team or six man team. Select "My Tag Teams" or "My Six Man Teams" menu option under the WRESTLERS main menu.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DUPLICATE MATCHES! Only select the same opponent 1x each round of play.

Choosing Opponents

DO NOT DUPLICATE MATCHES! Only select the same opponent 1x each round of play.  Because the point value system we use to determine who wins and loses each round of play is fixed, it would be unfair to gang up on the same wrestler multiple times.

Submit Out of Ring Action


Vacated Titles


Promotions Dashboard


Promotion Deadlines

Your promotions deadline is the day/time in which all you must have your wrestler's strategy updated, your match requests signed and your out of ring action (interviews/promos, sneak attacks, dressing rooms brawls or whatever you want to write) MUST BE entered by YOU in order to be a part of the next round of play. 

Champions & Rankings


World Champions


Federation Champions

Federation champions also defend their Federation titles against the promotion champions each round of action. 

When a Federation champion wins a World title, they automatically vacate their Federation title.  Vacant Federation titles are then filled by comparing the scores of all the Promotion champions in that Federation and awarding the vacant title to the Promotion champion with the highest score.

Promotions Champions




Match Results


Title Match Results


Out of Ring Action


Roleplaying: Feuds and Angles



The role of the Commissioner in a promotion is to recruit players into their promotion and to increase engagement and activity. There are a variety of ways that this can happen, but the most notable thing that the Commissioner does is submit a 1- or 2-page Commissioner’s Report each month. The report format and content vary from promotion to promotion – the likes of which are entirely up to the Commissioner – but, traditionally the report might include information such as contests, upcoming events, and monthly awards. Although not required, some Commissioners also choose to create Commissioner-sponsored Titles, for which title defenses are based on a criterion that they set themselves. Players may access this report by clicking the link titled “Commissioner Report” within their promotion’s league page.

The Commissioner may also award up to 5 free match credits each month based on an objective criterion that is communicated through their report (such as submitting the best interview or the wrestler with the highest score).

* When submitting the report, it is requested that Commissioners convert the report into a .jpg image.

For the commissioners reports…we do provide a template (MS PowerPoint) that you can use. You can create your own. The end result should be YOU creating the images (.JPG files only). We provide commissioners only with a screen where you can create the commissioner report, then add details (title, date) and then upload your files.

The FWA’s goal is that each promotion would have an active Commissioner. If you are in a promotion that does not have a Commissioner, you may apply for the position by emailing the FWA and requesting it.

COMMISSIONER REPORT IMAGES: Any Commissioner Reports images added MUST NOT have a width greater than 700 pixels or a height greater than 900 pixels. 

TV Show Bookers

The role of the TV Show Booker is to write a monthly television show that will help increase engagement and activity within the promotion. Each promotion’s TV show automatically features the open invitation battle royal and the TV Title Match each month, but the Booker may add to the show as he chooses. Some bookers choose to insert full match writeups, interviews, and other segments in this space, others choose to insert only the highlight summaries. Some Bookers base the match results off of the prior month’s content, other Bookers prepare multiple outcomes for a match and wait to see the House Results for that month before posting it so that their shows are based on the current month’s action. The choice is entirely up to the Booker for each promotion as to how they would like to run their show! Many Bookers also book matches for Commissioner sponsored titles in their promotion.

The Booker has access to edit the TV Show prior to when the promotion processes. Within that dashboard, content can be added that appears either before or after the battle royal + TV Title Match.

The Commissioner and the TV Show Booker do not need to be the same person. In fact, in many cases the FWA prefers that the duties of these roles are separated between two or more people (although, in such cases, it is imperative that the Commissioner & Booker work closely together). If you are in a promotion that does not have a TV Booker or that has an inconsistent one, you may apply for the position by emailing the FWA.

Point Values



Stables are groups that managers form. Stables traditionally add some type of prefix (with a colon) to their wrestlers names (example: BW: Johnny Hogan -- BW being the code for the "Best Wrestlers" stable).

Managers create the stable name, code and manage the other members of their stable.


You can transfer a wrestler to another promotion at any time. However, when you transfer into a new promotion your wrestlers current record will reset to 0-0-0.

If you transfer a wrestler (or wrestlers) who hold a promotion title, they will vacate the title.  Federation champions who transfer to a different promotion that is in the Federation do not vacate their title.  World champions can transfer to any Federation or Promotion without vacating their World title.


Wrestlers accumulate fantasy cash for winning matches, winning titles, successful title defenses, and other bonuses that appear from time to time.



Pay Per Views




Monthly TV Champions Battle Royal






Reset Records

You can reset a wrestlers record at anytime. Just email the FWA office.

Change Wrestler Name

You can edit a wrestlers name at anytime through the Wrestler edit screen.

IMPORTANT: Changing a wrestlers name WILL update any past match results with the new name.


The FWA allows payment by credit card or by mailing a check.

Subscriptions: Managers that have a subscription account and pay by credit card. At the end of each month, the FWA will send you an email that contains instructions how to paid by credit card.

Send payment by Mail: Managers that pay by sending a check thru the mail follow a similar process. At the end of each month, the FWA will send you an email that contains invoice (or bill) that you can print out and mail to the FWA along with your check.


The FWA has taken every possible precaution to ensure that no manager gains an unfair advantage over another. Any manager found attempting to cheat or having committed an act of cheating in any way will be terminated from the FWA. We are committed to keeping the FWA fun and fair for all of our players!

Questions and Complaints

Send email to:

Contact the FWA


By Mail:
Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
PO Box 235
Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033